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The membership fee is compulsory for all members. Members must be fully paid up in order to be entitled to vote in corporation meetings.

The contribution is collected by the City of Montreal and entirely remitted to the board of directors of each of the corporations. With some rare exceptions, it is subject to both the GST and the QST.

For purposes of this assessment, the accounts are forwarded early in the new year to whatever occupant is running the establishment as at January 1st. Any business closing its doors on SDC territory in the course of a calendar year will not be reimbursed for its contribution, either partially or totally.

When it comes to settling the payment, if the contribution is below $300, occupants must settle their accounts in a single payment. If it is $300 or more, the payment can be settled in two instalments.

The chief mandate of SDC Vieux-Montréal consists in bringing all of its members together and setting up a unified business unit to upgrade, enhance and promote the district.