20 Sep 2019

Time 5 minutes

GENS DU VIEUX: Today’s branding for the historic neighbourhood’s population

18 Sep 2019

Time 5 minutes

Behind the Scenes at the Spa, Not as Relaxing as You Might Think!

17 Sep 2019

Time 3 minutes

September 2019 : the selection of the Librairie Bertrand (Special Go-back-to-school)


Gens du Vieux, Hi !

#gensduvieux – Term representing any person who has an attachment to our neighbourhood.
Whether they be an entrepreneur, a shopkeeper, a worker, or a resident of Old Montreal, this term encompasses the true heart of our community.

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Things to do #gensduvieux

05 Sep 2019

The #gensduvieux Outings

Mobility in the Old Montréal in real time 

Find out what
Old Montreal
has in store for you!

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