The Music Zone | Place d'Armes

A brief escape during your lunch hour

During the summer, every noon hour from Tuesday to Friday, SDC Vieux-Montréal (the Old Montreal business development corporation) invited people to stroll down to Place d’Armes to see up-and-coming young performers play in a free concert series. The Music Zone | Place d’armes. Featuring a variety of music from folk rock to Hindi rock and from R&B to current pop, the Music Zone’s musical programming staged Montreal’s newest musical talents.

In its third edition, the Place d’Armes Music Zone partnered with Francouvertes, which gave the area’s business people and passersby a chance to discover (or rediscover) honourees and finalists from previous incarnations of this renowned contest. The aim of the partnership was to encourage our musical future and give our upcoming talents some much-needed visibility.

The Place d’Armes Music Zone was intended for people working in Old Montreal, tourists and anyone just passing by. With over thirty concerts planned, the SDC Vieux-Montréal saw this lunch-hour break as a way for the old quarter’s denizens to reconnect with the soul of their hometown. By the same token, the corporation hoped to build a bridge to Old Montreal for a new, young and emerging population of artists who are making the Music Zone a true springboard for talent.


1st edition

2nd edition

3rd edition

Photos : ©Kelly Jacob