Soirée District Party

A 100% Old Montreal party

When it was first launched in 2013 the Soirée District Party’s goal was to bring the old quarter’s business community together by encouraging good neighbourliness.  A stylish, urban networking event concept was thus born out of collaboration among a multitude of members.  The idea was to provide a canvas (a different location for each edition) and allow members to decide on the evening’s content. That was when the magic started taking shape, enabling us to visualize the production of countless establishments in the quarter in just minutes! Because the people involved were from the area and an integral part of of Old Montreal’ s business community, the concept basically turned into an ultra-efficient networking operation, both friendly and unaffected.



2nd Edition | October 30, 2013 – Centre Phi

3rd Edition | June 12, 2014 – 111 Duke street, Faubourg des Récollets

4th edition | September 16, 2015 –  Hall of Honour, Montreal City Hall


If you’re a member of the SDC, as a retailer or business office, and would like to take part in next year’s Soirée District Party,

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Photos : ©Kelly Jacob