Mobile tourist orientation team

A brand-new approach: reaching out to people

In a bid to promote the old quarter during the summer and provide a custom information service, SDC Vieux-Montréal (the Old Montreal business development corporation) and Tourisme Montréal teamed up with the Ville-Marie borough in 2014 to set up a mobile tourist orientation team to welcome and inform visitors to Old Montreal and enhance their tourist experience.  Two attention-grabbing tricycles were then custom-built, enabling the welcome team to cruise the streets of Old Montreal.

Duties of the mobile tourist orientation team:

  • Promoting the old quarter and its many attractions
  • Informing people about the various events and activities nearby
  • Providing tourist information such as maps or guide books
  • Fostering visitor retention in the area
  • Ensuring a memorable human experience for visitors
  • Acting as a convenient, accessible source of information for tourists
  • Updating the conventional tourist information office and innovating in terms of hospitality by reaching out to people

These two mobile booths come in addition to the tourist orientation services already present in Old Montreal: the Bureau d’accueil touristique (tourist welcome office) and Comité Croisières Montréal (Montreal cruise committee), two locations overseen by Tourisme Montréal. The mobile tourist orientation team rounds out the current offer, which can finally be considered complete for the district. As tourism evolves, it is important to adapt to its changes by providing ever-more varied and comprehensive orientation services, both for tourists whose trip is all planned and mapped out and for those who take a more leisurely and spontaneous approach.

Because it optimizes the tourist welcoming service, this pilot project started bearing fruit in 2014, when it demonstrably achieved tourist client retention in the district. After the initial implementation season, the positive spinoffs for Old Montreal are already clear. For next summer, we are are already expecting 20,000 more cruise-goers than in 2014. This brings the total number to 65,000 travellers and simultaneously helps increase the number of hotel stays, meals bought in restaurants, admissions to museums and retail purchases.

In order to cover both the summer and fall tourist season, with summertime visitors and cruise ships arriving in port until early November, this initiative generally extends into the end of the fall.