March 23, 2016

A first-of-its-kind web project series on the people of Old Montreal

What makes a memorable experience memorable ? The place, the moment and the people. Old Montreal is known quite well for its historic value and rich heritage, and we think that it is time to put some emphasis on the human aspect. They are those who add a little magic to your visit to the neighbourhood with their charming smiles and amazing attitudes. SDC Vieux-Montréal wants to recognize them with its new #OldMontrealCrew campaign composed of editorial content and a 10-capsule web series, which will be released in two batches (one this spring and another in the fall of 2016). The series will be hosted by the very charming Stéphane Pelichet (Petit Petit Gamin). The episodes will be released every Wednesday from March 23 to April 13, for the first batch (you can watch it via facebook.com/vieuxmontreal).




An accessible neighbourhood

Many Montrealers associate their city’s historic district with a sea of tourists and high-end establishments, making it rather inaccessible to the local urban clientele. The touristic side is now partnered with a living environment and a lifestyle like no other neighbourhood. It is important to know that almost 6 000 people live in Old Montreal and more than 40 000 people come to the district every day for work. The neighbourhood is transforming, and its image rejuvenates with every passing day. The SDC wishes to emphasise this aspect with this new project by showing people the Old Montreal style – a style which is focused on the human experience with its warmest residents.



 A mix of businesses and services

This web series project is mainly based on showing people how rich and diverse Old Montreal is and how it’s a great place to live, work and have fun, but it also aims to explore the district’s interesting commercial mix. To this end, our spring episodes will feature different establishments from a wide range of activity sectors : the Maison Christian Faure : a baker-pastry shop but also a pastry school for future pastry chefs ; Bruno Desjardins : a makeover and hairstyling salon ;  Maison Privée : a new-age barber shop ; Barroco : a Mediterranean-inspired bar ; Dulcedo Agency : representing Montreal models and artists, and Milan Pole Dance Studio : a pole-dancing school. The #OldMontrealCrew episodes will also allow insight into the district’s entrepreneurial aspect, featuring people who are truly human and inspiring – good-hearted people who feel a strong sense of belonging towards their neighbourhood.



 About the SDC Vieux-Montréal

SDC Vieux-Montréal’s primary mission is to unite its members and build a unified business collective. It is fueled by its will to share ideas, to unite people in identifying problems and find realistic solutions to them, and to create a living and working environment which is governed by good neighbour-to-neighbour relationships. Another one if its priorities is ensuring that the district gets the value and publicity that it truly deserves.

All of the #OldMontrealCrew episodes are also available at www.vieuxmontreal.ca/fr/explorer/vie-de-quartier/


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Photos ©Maxime Caron and ©Kelly Jacob

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