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Montreal now recycles cigarette butts as part of the Mégot Zéro pilot project13669042_1207069999317787_2400009300050898859_n

Cigarette butts represent 30% of urban waste found in public areas. The nicotine and carcinogenic found in the stubs end up in our soil throughout rainfall which produces an undeniable source of pollution for our streams and ecosystems.
Regarding this issue, SAESEM (Montreal’s environmental society for action, education and awareness), partnering with the City of Montreal, has developed the pilot project Mégot Zéro, a project enabling the recycling of cigarette butts.

The paper, tobacco and ashes are recycled ascompost, whereas the plastic material used for the filter is reused to make urban furniture ! The cigarette stubs are collected from urban ash trays situated in certain areas of Montreal.

Two sectors are concerned by the presence of these receptacles: The Gay Village, on the pedestrian part of Saint-Catherine Street, and the Old Montreal, on Place Jacques Cartier and its surroundings. It has now been a month since the collecting has started, and SAESEM has therefore enabled the recycling of over 56,000 cigarette butts!
Vancouver and Toronto are currently carrying out similar pilot projects. Montreal is following the path, being the third large city to take such a green initiative.

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> Mégot Zéro ashtray location

> Original press release

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