CREATIVE QUARTER | Trends & Top designers

October 30, 2015


>Part 2: Trends & top designers

This OLD MONTRÉAL – CREATIVE QUARTER route, with its five separate sections, will help you see the historic district’s fashion offerings in a whole new light: a series of addresses, mainly workshops and boutiques that offer Québec designer pieces or internationally renowned brands that embody all the creativity and style of Old Montréal.

Here is our second set of great addresses, to explore the theme of the latest trends and top designer style.




90 St.Paul Street West

For their accessories and international brands

Ssense_2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_0129_LR2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_0104_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_0025_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_0045_LR



Espace Pepin

350 St.Paul Street West

For their diversity and fantastic selection of shoes

EspacePepin_2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_466_LR2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_383_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_399_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_478_LR



Cahier d’Exercice 

369 St.Paul Street West

As seen on the catwalks

Cahier d'exercices_Saucier Perrotte b_web

Cahier d'exercices_Saucier Perrotte f_web  Cahier d'exercices_Saucier Perrotte l_web  Cahier d'exercices_Saucier Perrotte n_web

©Cahier d’Exercice


Boutique U&I

215 St.Paul Street West

For the latest coats

U&I_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_00212015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_142_LR  2015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_141_LR  2015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_112_LR



And on that note, get shopping…!

Photos ©Geneviève Giguère Photography