October 30, 2015


> Part 4: Timelessness

This OLD MONTRÉAL – CREATIVE QUARTER route, with its five separate sections, will help you see the historic district’s fashion offerings in a whole new light: a series of addresses, mainly workshops and boutiques that offer Québec designer pieces or internationally renowned brands that embody all the creativity and style of Old Montréal.

Here is our fourth set of addresses, to explore the theme of timeless style and quality.




Boutique Le Vaisseau D’or

110 St.Paul Street West

For classics that never go out of style and fine lingerie

VaisseauOr_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0222

2015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_226_LR  2015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_209_LR  2015-05-06_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_298_LR



Signatures québécoises | by Anne de Shalla

350 St.Paul Street East Bonsecours Market

For the wide selection of Québec creations.

AnneDeShalla_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0004

2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_291_LR  2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_276_LR  2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_304_LR  2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_314_LR



Lily Ka

350 St.Paul Street East Bonsecours Market

For eco-design creations

2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_242_LR


2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_195_LR  2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_251_LR - Copie  2015-04-27_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_170_LR




363 St.Paul Street East

For the originality of the pieces

2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0137

2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0182  2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0173  2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0211



Fourrures Dubarry

206 St.Paul Street West

For authentic furs

2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_576

2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_550    2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_566  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_504



And on that note, get shopping…!


Photos ©Geneviève Giguère Photography