CREATIVE QUARTER | Ready-made & accessories

October 30, 2015


> Part 3: Ready-made & accessories

This OLD MONTRÉAL – CREATIVE QUARTER route, with its five separate sections, will help you see the historic district’s fashion offerings in a whole new light: a series of addresses, mainly workshops and boutiques that offer Québec designer pieces or internationally renowned brands that embody all the creativity and style of Old Montréal.

Our third set of addresses, this time for chic and stylish ready-made fashions.





227 St.Paul Street West

For their carefully chosen pieces and friendly service

Chance2015-03_SDC_GGiguere_129_LR2014-10_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_602_LR WEB  2014-10_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_626_LR WEB  2014-10_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_617_LR WEB



Design Delano

70 St.Paul Street West

For the wide variety of accessories

EspaceDelano_2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_129_LR2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_062_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_093_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_086_LR



Room Service Loft Boutique

203 Place d’Youville

For that private stylist shopping experience!

RoomService_2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_355_LR2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_285_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_345_LR  2015-04_SDC boutiques_GGiguere_363_LR



Vault par Europa

701 St.Pierre Street

For haute couture handbags
Vault_2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1272_LR2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1234_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1161_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1292_LR



PRFKT par Europa

380 St. Antoine Street West – World Trade Centre Montréal

For the prestige and variety of the brands

PRFKT_2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1119_LR2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1045_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1051_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1094_LR




205 St.Paul Street West

For the colourful, European look.


2015-06-09_BoutiquesSDC_GGiguere_271_LR  2015-06-09_BoutiquesSDC_GGiguere_322_LR  2015-06-09_BoutiquesSDC_GGiguere_274_LR



And on that note, get shopping…!


Photos ©Geneviève Giguère Photography