CREATIVE QUARTER | Design & avant-garde: made in MTL

October 30, 2015


> Part 1: Design & avant-garde

This OLD MONTRÉAL – CREATIVE QUARTER route, with its five separate sections, will help you see the historic district’s fashion offerings in a whole new light: a series of addresses, mainly workshops and boutiques that offer Québec designer pieces or internationally renowned brands that embody all the creativity and style of Old Montréal.

Here is our first set of addresses, to explore the theme of design & avant-garde from a purely Montréal perspective.




Denis Gagnon Atelier-Boutique

170 St.Paul Street West

For their originality and attention to detail.


2015-04_SDC DenisGagnon_GGiguere_217_LR

2015-04_SDC DenisGagnon_GGiguere_145_LR



Atelier Travis Taddeo

209 St.Paul Street West, suite 400

For their sophisticated edginess

TravisTaddeo_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0046






Boutique Philippe Dubuc

417 St.Pierre Street

For the precision of the cut and the timelessness of the design

Dubuc_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0238

2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1537_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1500_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1488_LR



Rad Hourani – Unisex

231 St.Paul Street West, suite 100

For their ingenuity and clean lines

RadHourani_2015-07-13_Boutiques SDC_GGiguere_0132

2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1327_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1386_LR  2015-05-01_SCD Boutiques_GGiguere_1297_LR



And on that note, get shopping…!


Photos ©Geneviève Giguère Photography