The House of Dust

15 JUN 2017

20 AUG 2017

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Opening hours

Wednesday : 12pm to 7pm
Thursday : 12pm to 10pm
Friday to Sunday : 12pm to 7pm

In 1967, Fluxus artist Alison Knowles produced The House of Dust, one of the first computer-generated poems. Each quatrain began with “A house of …” followed by random sequences of materials, sites or locations, light sources, and categories of inhabitants. In 1969, Knowles translated one of the quatrains into an architectural form, which was installed in Chelsea and then at CalArts, where a burgeoning community of artists and students were creating installations, performances, concerts, poetry courses, and film screenings. The exhibition presented at the Darling Foundry retraces the history of The House of Dust and presents contemporary artists’ new interpretations of the poem-score. Aurélie Pétrel probes relations between The House of Dust and the work of Peter Eisenman through an examination of documents from the CCA. Other artists explore the phenomena of translation among different types of languages, media, and subjectivities – a central dimension of The House of Dust. For instance, in A Constructed World, the artist interprets one of the poem’s quatrains by making a “paper house” intended to communicate with live eels and to be used as a structure for hosting workshops, conferences, and performances for the duration of the exhibition. This installation relates to the offerings of other guest artists whose works explore communication between humans and nonhumans – animals, plants or machines: Stéphane Dégoutin and Gwenola Wagon, Jeff Guess, Martin Howse, Jonathon Keats, and the members of Art by Translation – Tyler Coburn, Lou-Maria Le Brusq, Joshua Schwebel, and Daniela Silvestrin. Knowles also presents a new version of Gift Objects for the House of Dust.

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