Kid Koala’s Satellite Concert

2 FEB 2017

4 FEB 2017

For more informations

514 225 0525

Opening hours

Doors open : 8 pm
Show : 9 pm

On February 2, 3 and 4, Kid Koala will present an innovative collection of dreamy, atmospheric tracks composed especially for this event. In this latest live experience the audience is seated at stations equipped with a turntable, effects box and a small crate of colour coded vinyl records. Through subtle coloured lighting changes in the room, the audience is cued to play along. The audience is an integral part of the show, accompanying Kid Koala to create an “ambient vinyl orchestra”, melding their individual strains into a fluid body of sound. The idea is to have harmonized turntables create a unique, uplifting, dynamic evening of light and music.

A note from Kid Koala

“A few years ago we started an event called Music To Draw To in the middle of winter in Montreal. I would play calm, down tempo music while people in the in the room drew, wrote, coded, sewed or whatever it was they brought to work on… all lost in their own creative worlds but synchronized to the same music. There was a palpable creative energy in the room and it was unlike any dynamic I’ve ever felt at a show. Ever since those events, I’ve been trying to think of a way to achieve a similar energy in concert form. A show that was deliberately slow, meditative, emergent and creative… where everyone in the room contributed in a small way to create the music.

Fast-forward several years and I have a collection of songs I have written over the course of 2 winters, many of them ambient pieces, some songs. They carry a lyrical narrative revolving around an idea of a couple in the not-so-far future who are separated when one of them decides to fly to another planet, unable to return. I came up with the concept for Satellite, a show in which audience members will participate in creating these musical pieces live each night. Each person is seated at a turntable station, playing their own custom Satellite Orchestra Tone Vinyl records and an effect pedal designed by Earthquaker Devices. The audience becomes an ambient vinyl orchestra and an integral component to the soundtrack as the story unfolds.”

Tickets: $25.19 9 (limited amount of tickets available)
Taxes and fees included
All ages

Where: Space B (2nd floor)

The concert hall will be accessible 15 minutes prior to the show. A bar service will be available as of 8 PM.