Karaoké de Quartier

5 May 2016

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Opening hours

6pm to 8pm

Warm up your vocal chords and practice your dance moves for the monthly karaoke competition at the Phi Centre!

Every month, Le Rhinocéros by Phi is the forum for a friendly competition. The evening is divided into two rounds, everyone is welcome and the cocktails will be flowing, as our mixologist flexes his talent.

The first hour is devoted to a joust among three teams (including the Phi Centre’s) who try to take down their competitors.

The second hour is open mic for anyone who has ever dreamed of taking the mic by the horns. It’s a lucha libre where anything goes!

To sign up your team contact: karaoke@phi-centre.com

This Month…
Keyrus and MELS Doublage inc. will join us for the battle! Once again it’s the colourfulBarbada – a Cabaret Mado resident – who will host the night. Plus, Gaufrabec will be providing us tasty waffles as well as a chocolate fountain!

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