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24 NOV 2017

29 APR 2018

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For over one hundred years, Montreal’s heart has been beating to the rhythm of hockey. From one season to the next, fans fill the seats, listen on the radio, or gather in front of the TV screen to support their favourite team. The city is blessed in this respect: it is represented by the oldest and most legendary team in the league, the Montréal Canadiens.

It was also in Montréal, in November 1917, that a group of hockey team owners from Québec and Ontario came together to form the National Hockey League. Going back even further, 125 years ago, then-Governor General of Canada Lord Stanley awarded the cup that would bear his name to Canada’s hockey champions.

Come rediscover the popular roots of hockey and get back in touch with your inner child. Take a look back at the achievements of legendary players.