Guided Expo at the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice

1 JUL 2018

5 AUG 2018

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514-849-6561 ext. 7

Opening hours

Visits are open Wednesday to Sunday between 1PM and 3PM until August 5th.

Many of Montreal places still bear the mark of the Society of Saint Sulpice since its founding to 1642 and the arrival of the Sulpicians in New France in 1657.

At the heart of Old Montreal, attached to the Notre-Dame Basilica,  the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice  is the oldest building still in use in Montreal have kept since its construction in the late seventeenth century, the same owners. It reflects the time when the Priests of St. Sulpice were, from 1663 to 1840, the lords of the island.

Since summer 2017, the Priests of St. Sulpice and Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice invite you to enter the gates of this place hitherto hidden to the public, and to browse the exhibition  From the mystical ideal, the lordly company  that traces the contributions of the company in Montreal. The route-exhibition will also explore the garden beautiful island of greenery preserved in the heart of the oldest part of the city.

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