Grande Braderie de la Mode Québécoise - Bonsecours Market

18 OCT 2018

21 OCT 2018

For more informations

(514) 866-2006, Ext. 300

Opening hours

Thursday and Friday - 10 am to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10 am to 6 pm

More than 120 artisans and Quebecois brands invite you to take advantage of bargains at low, low prices!

La Grande Braderie will be in Montreal from October 18th-21st at Bonsecours Market, and their smart buying process will allow you to use their color-coded label system which indicates the “degree” of how local the product is (designed, created, manufactured in Québec, or outside the province).

A private sale will be held on October 17th, with the tickets priced at $60 each, and the proceeds from the ticket sales will go toward the Equilibre Foundation. This is a good way to browse the creations early and avoid the long lines, all while helping out a great cause!


Fashion Event