Eureka Festival !

10 JUN 2016

12 JUN 2016

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Eureka! At a glance
The Eureka! Festival is a tremendous celebration of science for everyone…
a fabulous chance to meet people who are passionate about science.
Come ask them your questions, exchange ideas, discuss your opinions and share their dreams of flying higher, communicating better, improving health care and more.
Nearly 108 000 enthusiastic visitors participated in the 9th edition of the Eureka! Festival.
Thank you and don’t miss the 10th edition in June 2016!
Meet the scientists

Here’s your chance to meet researchers, professionals and future scientists. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them are advancing the cause of science right here! You can experiment, create, observe and discuss with them and enjoy more than fifty inspiring hands-on activities.
Concocting Science: Workshops

Do you have the soul of an artist but the brain of a scientist? Grab your brushes, beakers, scissors, pens and test tubes and let your creativity soar as you think about and experiment with different ideas.
Loads of surprises in store

Every year, there are lots of surprises at the Festival, from street theatre to evening shows, artistic installations and more, dozens of activities showcasing the zany side and poetry of science!