Ed Atkins : Modern Piano Music

20 APR 2017

3 SEP 2017

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(514) 849-3742

Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday : 12h à 19h
Saturday and Sunday : 11h à 18h

Ed Atkins makes digital, computer-generated videos that emphatically stress corporal, analogue reality. The videos exhibited at DHC/ART have the startling ability to return us to our bodies despite – or perhaps because of – their bodiless, digital constitution. The animations themselves centre on representations of starkly physical things, sensations, and experiences – a singularly human affective terrain performed by uncannily realistic computer-animated surrogates. In combination with the imposing scale and volume of their installation, an Atkins video can profoundly unsettle the viewer, disturbing the distinction between what is alive and what is not, what moves of its own volition and what is ‘animated’.

Opening Reception: April 19 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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