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9 JUL 2016

14 JUL 2016

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Opening hours

Saturday July 9 - 8:30PM
Sunday July 10 - 8:30PM
Monday July 11 - 8:30PM
Tuesday July 12 - 8:30PM
Wednesday July 13 - 8:30PM
Thursday July 14 - 8:30PM

Three jokers—the daredevils you remember from school: That’s the Barely Methodical Troupe. Talented? Absolutely. Daring? You bet. Playful? You have no idea.

Competitions, winks, plenty of sweat—plus a jaw-dropping Cyr wheel routine. With an irresistible passion that only a generous dose of youth can bring to nonchalance, these adorable Brits engage in friendly quarrels with their impressive and dizzying feats. And they’ll have you laughing while they’re at it.

That’s not all there is to this dynamic show, which won an award at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival. Under the rippling muscles and shows of strength, these three friends let their uncomfortable tenderness show. Hidden beneath boastful confidence, we catch a hint of insecurity, humanity and friendship between men. A real bromance!

This show is presented by MONTREAL CIRQUE FESTIVAL