Bharti Kher: Dissections - DHC/ART

29 August 2018

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514 849-3742

Opening hours

2 visits: 6 pm and 8 pm

“Dissections: Bharti Kher” is an interactive and multidisciplinary visit that offers a promising and friendly dialogue of the exhibition “Barhti Kher: Points de départ, points qui lient”.

A biologist, an artist, and an author will be the guides for this exhibition, aimed to invite to the exchange with the public on the presented works.

At the heart of our territories, our beliefs, our identities, Kher proposes a space of redefinition, a new cartography of our conceptions and contradictions thanks to a sacred/profane, past/present confrontation, which dismantles the points of reference.



Free admission but reservations required:



2 visits are planned: 18h and 20h

Visitors are invited to join the team and the speakers for a glass of wine after the tour.