The Best Short Films of Sundance

8 February 2017

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Our favorites of the short films screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

A selection of our favorites of the short films screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival


  • The Geneva Convention, by Benoît Martin (France)
  • The Rabbit Hunt, by Patrick Bresnan (United States)
  • Good Crazy, by Rosa Salazar (United States)
  • Kaiju Bunkaru, by Lucas Leyva and Jillian mayer (United States)
  • Fucking Bunnies, by Teemu Niukkanen (Finland)
  • Dawn of the Deaf, by Rob Savage (England)
  • I Know You From Somewhere, by Andrew Fitzgerald (United States)
  • Slapper, by Luci Schroder (Australia)
  • Jonas and the Sea, by Marlies van der Wel (Netherlands)
  • It’s A Date, by Zachary Zezima (United States)

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All films are presented in original language with English subtitles if available.

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