Mural in Old Montreal

The Mural Festival

Since it was first launched in 2012, the MURAL Festival’s mission has been to democratize urban art. What started off as an homage to Montréal has taken the shape of a festival, unique in its own genre, with an international reach to spread its love for beautiful, original creations. The portfolio of mural artwork is in constant evolution and now includes over 80 famous pieces and artistic instalments which have carried the winds of change and excitement to Montréal’s citizens and visitors. Each new edition of the festival brings urban artists, muralists, musicians, creators and curious people together to gaze at monumentally creative pieces which make the city truly exceptional for art fans from all over the world.

For this 5th edition, Old Montreal welcomes MURAL for two truly exceptional events: one street performance taking place during Grand Prix weekend and one during the Bonsecours Market’s Art Fair.

Program for the MURAL street performance

MURAL will showcase a unique artistic interpretation of roadside signals which will guide visitors through a series of public art works all along Saint-Paul Street. It beings with the MURAL Art Fair at the Bonsecours Market, all the way to the Phi Centre. Guests will also pass by the Place Royale, following directions that will take you on an adventure through Old Montreal. Just follow the zany signs designed specifically for this incredible festival!

Art Circuit

For every circuit, a guide will accompany you through the artistic program of the MURAL Festival in the Old Montreal and will help you discover key galleries in the world of contemporary art. Deptarture from the Bonsecours Market – June 8 & 9 at 1 PM / June 10 & 11 and 4 PM.

Click here to see the full Arts Circuit.

Ephemeral Murals :

For 4 days – from June 8 to 11 – local artists will paint large outdoor ephemurals all along Saint-Paul Street, around the Bonsecours Market and the Place Royale. This way, you’ll get the chance to notice, ponder and appreciate the evolution of each creation right in front of your eyes!

Phi Center

Two films will be presented at the Phi Centre – 407 Saint-Pierre Street

  • BEATCHRONIC PRESENT: MEET DE BEATS – June 12 at 7 PM (Directed by Mathias Chaboteaux and Andy De Keersmaecker – Belgium – 45 minutes)
  • WALL WRITERS – GRAFFITI IN IT’S INNOCENCE – June 14 at 7 PM (Directed by Roger Gastman – USA – 1 h 17)

For more information on the Festival, check out the website, Facebook page or Instagram page.

La Foire d’art Mural

This year, the MURAL festival will present its 3rd edition of the MURAL Art Fair (MAF). From June 8 to 11 2017, the MAF will invite galleries, art collectors, celebrities from the cultural and arts scene, epicureans and tourists to come discover the work of almost one hundred locally and internationally renowned artists at the Bonsecours Market, a true emblem of Old Montreal. The FAM will be held at the apex of both the celebrations for Montréal’s 375th anniversary as well as those for the F1 Grand Prix. It is a unique crossroads of urban and contemporary art that is bound to amaze!
Click here to discover the exhibitors.

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