Art Circuit

June 1, 2017

Discovering Contemporary Art at MURAL

For each circuit, a guide will accompany you through the artistic program of the MURAL Festival at the heart of Old Montreal, where you will get the chance to witness an aerial masterpiece being realized on Saint-Paul Street and a series of freestanding murals*, produced live by the artists. You will also discover key galleries of the world of contemporary arts, beginning with the MURAL Art Fair at the Bonsecours Market. The tour lasts 90 minutes and is accessible to all, so come on down with the whole family!

*The unique works of art are all produced by the artists of the MURAL Festival on freestanding canvases, yours to discover!

Featuring a total of five murals: two located in front of the Bonsecours Market (Artists Marc Sirus and Mateo) and three on Saint-Paul Street between Saint-Nicolas Street and Saint-Pierre Street (Artists Pony, Jimmy Chiale and ASTRO)


Tickets for the Arts circuit will be sold at the FAM’s gift shop:

Cost: $15 + tax

Exhibit hours:

June 8 and 9 – 1 PM

June 10 and 11 – 4 PM

The circuit’s galleries

Ashukan Cultural Space

© Ashukan Espace Culturel

The Ashukan Cultural Space is an urban platform created to allow Indigenous artists to develop their art and truly shine.

Galerie d’Art Beauchamp

© Galerie Beauchamps

This gallery has been in the hands of the Beauchamp family for two generations now, and features the works of over 250 artists from across Quebec. Their collection includes paintings, photography and digital prints of contemporary and abstract art, along with classic works and those of grand masters.

Galerie Bloom

© Galerie Bloom

The Galerie Bloom is Montréal-based art gallery which showcases the work of Canadian artists who are well established, possess a unique approach to their art and show great skill. These artists are at the forefront of the contemporary art movement as well-known innovators in their respective disciplines.

Galerie Matthew Namour

© Galerie Matthew Namour

This gallery has one mission: promoting the avant-garde movement in contemporary art. They have taken a liking to graffiti art, tattoo art, comic-book-style art, pop art, illustration and surrealism. The Galerie Matthew Namour is ripe with a selection of eclectic local artists and is located in the city’s busiest district.

Galerie Michel-Ange

© Galerie Michel-Ange

The Galerie Michel-Ange offers you many types of artworks including paintings, sculptures, prints and artistic objects. Its activities focus not only on art sales, but also on many more services, such as the evaluation, support and renting of artistic productions.

Galerie LeRoyer

© Galerie LeRoyer

The Galerie Le Royer is bound to satisfy all art lovers by its exhibits of paintings and artistic objects. You’re sure to be blown away by the art of about twenty artists including Yoakim Bélanger, Martin Rondeau and Nathalie Sicard.

Centre Phi

© Centre Phi

The mission of the Phi Centre is to make art as accessible as possible to as many people as possible and to promote all forms of meetings and exchanges between artists, their work and different publics. By making art a landmark for discovery and discourse, Phi cements its place in our society.