La cour des arts du Vieux-Montréal & Mon Shack au Québec

For more informations

(514) 847-1400

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday : 11am to 5pm
Thursday and Friday : 11am to 9pm
Saturday : 11am to 8pm
Sunday : 11am to 5pm


Local art & craft

Since the end of the 60’s, you can find the creative work, jewelry, accessories, gifts, art and objects of few local artists. The environment of this outdoor boutique is exceptional, unique and very old (1811). It’s located in a garden of 2 courtyards protected by the branches of majestic maple trees and surrounded by gorgeous ivy covered stone walls.

This concept is now available all year around in My Quebec Shack, a shop with the same Quebec and Canadian art and craft, attached to the courtyard that only open in the season (May to October). Shop located : 161 rue Saint-Paul Est, Montréal