Women of Old Montreal : 3rd part - Kim Bieri and Audrey Attias

April 5, 2016 / Posted by   Cynthia - Travel and Refinement 

About Women of the Old

Many exceptional women flourish in Old Montreal, and it’s about time we celebrate them ! They’re entrepreneurs, employees, artists or residents, and their wisdom is a never-ending motivation we should all benefit from. In this series that we entitled Women of the Old, we get to know these exceptional women who positively impact the days of many souls ! #femmesduvieux



Kim Bieri and Audrey Attias

Owners and Cofounders of the Salon BLØME Dry Bar  



Have you ever heard of a beauty salon where you can watch movies on a tablet or snack on homemade treats, all while being pampered ? These innovative ideas were brought to life by Kim and Audrey, the owners and cofounders of the first dry bar in Montreal (and probably all of Quebec !).

In fact, this original concept came to them during a trip to the United States, and has since become a reality that exists exclusively in Old Montreal. What we admire most about these young entrepreneurs is their initiative, their interpersonal skills and their special relationship with one another that is based on friendship above all else. Kim, an experienced hairdresser, and Audrey, a nail technician, are childhood friends and their families are equally as close. We admire their camaraderie when they work together which makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere with each visit at BLOME.

Their goal is to provide a personalized service to their clients that will ensure that each of them enjoys a completely unique experience. For these wonder women there is nothing more gratifying than witnessing a client’s laughter as she gets lost in a movie during her blow dry, or the look of surprise and delight when a client glances in the mirror. Their authenticity, their determination and their teamwork make Kim and Audrey two of the most admirable women of Old Montreal !

Do you know some Women of the Old ? The next time you capture a moment with one of them, share it and use #femmesduvieux.

Let’s celebrate womanhood and all its facets !


Photo : ©Kelly Jacob

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