Women of Old Montreal : 5th part | Brigitte McNeil

May 13, 2016 / Posted by   Cynthia - Travel and Refinement 


Brigitte McNeil is the charming newly appointed General Manager for the Bateau Mouche in the Old Port of Montreal and has worked for the company since 2004. Brigitte actually began her career as a tour guide, followed by a sales representative, to finally take on the role of director of sales and marketing. During her time working in the corporate world, Brigitte took on new endeavours and expanded her skills, until she decided to return to her first love: the Bateau Mouche.

Upon her return to the Bateau Mouche, Brigitte completely transformed the management with her creativity, enthusiasm and leadership; she is an extremely passionate woman, and this passion is reflected in all that she does and her relationships with others. Whether she is training her employees, interacting with them, or delegating responsibilities, Brigitte makes a point of communicating the values she believes in to her employees, which in turn strengthens their respect for and trust in her.

What is probably most admirable about this extraordinary woman is her intellectual curiosity, which ultimately inspired her to return to her studies at the age of 26, all while being a single mother. Although Brigitte faced many obstacles in her life, nothing stopped her from setting and achieving her goals; she managed to balance work, school and motherhood with strength and grace, for which we believe she is a true role model.

Brigitte’s secret to both professional and personal success is to have vision, a vision, which inspired her to persevere throughout her career, while also being able to let go and live in the moment; in her own words: “We have a tendency to fall into a routine whereby we forget to enjoy and live in the moment. Take time to appreciate your surroundings and the precious time you have with your children, because this time with them does not last forever.”

Among the many things that have allowed Brigitte to lead a balanced life are the things she enjoys while spending time in Old Montreal: being outdoors, walking along the water, and taking in all that Old Montreal has to offer.

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