Thrilling and Fascinating Spring Break Activities For Kids Aged 5 to 12!

February 29, 2016 / Posted by   Carolane Stratis / Collabo spéciale  Oliver Marshall 

One of the things that I truly can’t wait to do with my daughter is going to museum exhibits in Old Montreal so we can both benefit from amusing learning experiences. Indeed, when I was their age, I really cherished everything that I learned when I would visit the district (not to mention savouring some delicious beaver tails!)

Therefore, when I think of Spring break, I think of all the special activities that are offered by museums and other recreational sites, especially when I saw this year’s event calendar! There are many options, but I would like to suggest five activities which really made me want to borrow my friends’ older children to invite them on a tour of this historic district. Furthermore, they could use a break from the kids to go clear their minds at one of Old Montreal’s spas

  1. The Old Port’s Skating Rink



The Old Port (located right beside Old Montreal) invites to skate on its large skating rink, and to check out many other enchanting Winter activities. So why not go around the rink a few times before going to admire all the boats that are docked on the wharf? The rink is also equipped with a sound system to serenade you while you skate!

2. Archeology-Themed Break

The Pointe-à-Callière Museum’s Spring break theme is archeology, so invite your children on an archeo-adventure where they can participate in many lively activities. I know I want to! By the way, the museum is exceptionally open on Monday for even more fun!

3. Pirate or Privateer?

While you’re at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, you should definitely check out their permanent exhibit on pirates. Even though their perspective is not often detailed in literature, pirates are a part of our history. The traces that they have left behind throughout the ages open a door to an interesting history lesson for your kids. Costumes, anyone?

4. For Garment Designers

I really want to go to the conference on 18th century fashion design at the Château Ramezay. As the name of the event shows, few people know of this occupation, which some would say has even been pushed aside in the history books. However, everything was done by hand before the era of industrialisation. This conference takes place on only one date: March 7 at 1:30 PM – so don’t miss out!

5. Un chef à l’érable

Feel like enjoying a sugar shack-style menu, but aren’t really inclined to drive up to the middle of nowhere? Laurent Godbout’s famous Un chef à l’érable concept is back at Scena on weekends to arouse your taste buds! Also, your kids will love to taste the succulent modifications to their sugar shack classics. Offered from March 11 to April 17, it will really make you want to prolong your Spring break!

So what do you have planned for Spring break?


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Carolane Stratis / Collabo spéciale

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