The Birthday of the Scandinave Spa Old-Montreal: gifts and well-being for the clients!

January 15, 2019

If there is an establishment that ages like fine wine, it’s the Scandinave Spa in the Old-Montreal. If the scent of eucalyptus takes over you in the street of St Paul near St Sulpice Road, maybe it’s time to take a break! It has already been 10 years since this haven of peace has opened and to celebrate this event, the staff has decided to spoil their clients by giving away more than 2500 gifts of 10 000$ value. Will you be one of the lucky customers to enjoy this?


© Dominic Filion

This anniversary is the perfect occasion to spoil those who made the Scandinave the successful establishment that it is today: the clients and the staff.

“In addition to the “surprise” gifts randomly dispatched in the lockers, the 10th anniversary is the start of a new era when it comes to customer experience with smoothies now on demand and included in all the prices but also thanks to the opening at 7:15AM and the improvement of all our spaces with new massage rooms for the clients and a new employee room for our staff! says Claudine Duperre, marketing director of the Scandinave.”  They also have a new elaborated schedule with morning activities for attractive prices.


© Dominic Filion

The gifts are the results of meetings and beautiful collaborations that the spa formed in the neighborhood. “We wanted to offer authentic and unique gifts in collaboration with partners with whom we have a friendly relation. Among the gift suppliers, we have Oneka who has worked with us for 8 years now for the shower products, says the young director.”

Quality and commitment, those are the values that they hold dear and it makes their spa a safe bet! For anyone who tries it, the Scandinave Spa will surely become a necessary luxury! Moreover, people of the Old Montreal can enjoy special discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We have to admit that as soon as we take a step into the spa, we are already more relaxed! No matter the time: it can be early in the morning or late at night, it’s always the perfect time to enjoy the hydrotherapy offer, baths, massages and most importantly moments that will disconnect you from reality.

“Finding the silence in a city is becoming more and more difficult but the demand will keep on growing for the people of Montreal and people who do business, especially in this time when hyper connectivity is the trend. We will keep putting our bet on the relaxation of the body and the mind with hydrotherapy and massotherapy! elaborates Claudine who sees a bright future for the spa.”


© Dominic Filion

The refined design of the Scandinave Spa makes it a Zen area and that’s the cause of its success ever since the opening. The mission of the establishment is the well-being of the client and that is something they will surely keep on promoting, away for concerns of the cosmetic field. “We are keeping manicures, alcohol and electronic devices away from the Scandinave Spa experience and we will keep on doing so in the future as well. We want to stay simple, without any fuss!” That’s the wish of Claudine for the coming years and her customers are always here for it. In fact, the clientele is now even younger than before!

“At first, the spa used to welcome a majority of tourists and people above 35 years old. Today, the clients have more diverse profiles and they are younger overall, mostly between 25-35 years old. Younger people are getting more and more conscious about how important it is to take some time offline” says Claudine with enthusiasm.


We hope you can enjoy the festivities for this special 10-years anniversary! Be ready, 2019 is surely going to be an incredible year for the Scandinave Spa and its customers!

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