Some Truly Excellent Spots in Old Montréal for Happy Hour

October 17, 2018

As the nights get cooler, now’s the time to warm up with some cocktails and immersive atmospheres. And Old Montréal is THE destination to find it. Follow our guide!


  • Start with a cocktail at El Pequeño, and don’t hesitate to ask the bartender for a custom drink – they’re all creative and able to satisfy whomever walks through their door!


  • Next, while out on the corner, head down a few steps to the Coldroom; it is not to be missed! When you find the correct place to knock, you will be admitted through a service entrance. As if something straight out of a movie, you will descend some stairs until you reach a confidential and impeccable basement… If you enjoy bitter notes in a drink, ask for a “Dove” at the bar.


  • Almost straight ahead when stepping back out on St-Paul road, stop by the Taverne Gaspar, a comfortable pub-style restaurant that fits well alongside the fall temperatures. Their varied gourmet recipes will touch most any palate.


  • Resume the side streets until you reach St-François-Xavier Street and when you spot a doorman in front of a darkened storefront, try your chance to get into Clandestino. Like the concept of a matryoshka doll, this speakeasy with Mexican tastes is below another speakeasy (BOHO) and is an entirely different underground and velvet world that awaits you. It feels so authentic that you might almost expect to encounter Frida Kahlo there, surely sipping on their signature cocktail, the Oaxaca Sour.


  • Always looking for a little more adventure and exoticism? Head toward McGill street and enter the Nhậu Bar for a subdued and exotic atmosphere. The lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the warm semi-darkness make it an excellent landmark for fans of Wong Kar-wai style ambiances to visit. If that does not appeal to you, you could go discover the recently opened Le 409, which has an inviting décor that is a mixture between Cuba and Bollywood, to close out your evening.

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