Poutine Week TOP 5 of Old Montreal

February 8, 2016 / Posted by   Marifilip  Oliver Marshall 

This week, we would like to honor a Quebecois classic: the poutine. Make some noise for Poutine Week, which will take place until February 7th!

Let’s rewind a bit. To make a long story short, poutine was born in Drummondville in 1957 at Le Roy Jucep, a local restaurant. On behalf of everyone everywhere, we would like to thank the three wonderful individuals who would regularly ask the chef for this dish. The classic recipe for this AAA comfort food has been toyed with throughout the years by its creator. The chefs of Old Montreal have done so as well, so make room for five of the neighbourhood’s finest pimped out poutines during the one and only Poutine Week.

  1. Pub Brewskey

Pub Brewskey_web

Pub Brewskey offers you the manliest poutine on the market. Hop-lovers will be astounded by this delicacy made with a house beer gravy, pulled bison meat infused with dark ale and beer-battered fried shallots.

  1. Bistro Brasserie les Sœurs-Grises


Pulled pork poutine has become almost routine these days. However, only the Bistro-Brasserie les Sœurs-Grises has gone far and beyond to bring you its poutine with a beer- and elk- reduction-flavoured gravy, sour cream, diced boar bacon, and a demi foie gras with a bacon spread. Uh, hello, I’m drooling already!

  1. Brit & Chip


Poutine or fish & chips? No need to choose! Britt & Chip, the fried fish specialists, brings you the best of both worlds: a golden sole filet resting on a bed of fries, cheese curds and gravy.

  1. L’Assommoir Notre-Dame


The Assommoir is firing up something real nice in their kitchen! Introducing the Fire Ball Flambé poutine – a stunning visual experience. It tastes divine too with its meatballs dripping with delicious gravy and Boivin cheddar. Catch it while you still can! It won’t be here forever…

  1. La Champagnerie


Champagne is often associated with luxury – so indulge yourself at La Champagnerie!                They offer a gastro-poutine which is fully customizable with lobster, foie gras, filet mignon, and Kenogami cheese… A poutine fit for a king!

February 1 to 7 is THE week when you’ll be able to try all of these poutines EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! We know we will…

Next week will just have to be Stair Master Week…



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