#OldMontrealsCrew – Part 1

February 1, 2016 / Posted by   Maude  Oliver Marshall 

Truly, no one is in a better position to boast the neighbourhood’s best places other the people of Old Montreal. So, without further ado, here are our friends and their choices.

Pierre-Luc – Artistic Director at Tink

Pierre-Luc has a particular love for pizza and his dog Charlot.

pierreluc goodsize

So go ahead, Pierre-Luc, enlighten us:

Five Guys : Because it’s one of the few Five Guys in Montreal, and sometimes, we all need a burger/poutine the day after a festive 5@7!

Commerce: What a beautiful place with a great ambiance.

Pretty much all the plates are made to share, so it’s pretty cool to be able to taste so many flavours in such good company.

Les Sœurs Grises: Because they allow us to host private 5@7 in their hidden room on the 2nd floor. I also love their beer list, their pulled pork sandwiches and their vodka pickles.

Claudia –  Coordinator at Casa Com

Claudia loves to let off steam at the gym and has a great passion for Dirty Martinis.


Claudia, your favorite places?

Café-bakery Cookie Stefanie: Elegant. Scrumptious. Gluten-free. Five minute walk from work. Yes. Please.

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria : Truly a place to free your senses: people look nice, the music is great and their wood-oven-baked pizzas are delicious!

Bota Bota : Yea, having a really busy life in Old Montreal  is thrilling, but sometimes you really need a break. Bota-Bota spa-sur-l’eau is a truly peaceful oasis in an action-paced environment.
Camille  –
Distribution Assistant at Remstar

Camille is always impeccably manicured, and weekly ladies nights are a real priority for her.  


So, Camille, where can we find you if you’re not at work?

Les Glaceurs : Because when you get a sugar craving, it’s the place to go for the best cupcakes in town! The red velvet is truly a must-have…

Santos Tapas bar: Short of ideas for a great girls’ night out? Look no further than Tuesdays at Santos for unforgettable evenings!

Terrasse Nelligan: Because it’s your summer destination for (rooftop) terrace mojito-sipping at the end of your work day.



The Métayer Machine.World-renowned multitasker Maude started out as a bachelor of public relations. She has since declared her undying love for event management, project management and Australian Chardonnay. Maude is definitely the go-to girl for local nightlife. She can always tell you where to go for an unforgettable ladies' night. Hanging out with her is like starring in an episode of Sex and the City. ...and then some.

Oliver Marshall

Big hair, do care! As our translator, Oliver makes sure that our blog authors’ message resonates to Montreal’s English community and to tourists who contribute to the success and vibrancy of Old Montreal. Even at the age of 21, he has proven to be our language aficionado as he puts great care in being meticulous and reliable in his work. Born and raised in Mile End, he is a true Montrealer who is driven by a fierce sense of pride in his city. During his free time, he loves to cook and play bass in his band: Brain Flower. Contact | oliver.h.s.marshall@gmail.com

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