Old Montreal’s Crew – Part 3

March 10, 2016 / Posted by   Maude  Oliver Marshall 

Here we go for our third edition of the #OldMontrealCrew! Time for our favorite people to share their favorite places with our favorite readers!

Happy reading!

Brigitte – Publicity Co-ordinator at La Presse


About Brigitte:

She likes drinking tea and humming old hit songs at work.

So Brigitte, what are your favorites?



It’s the perfect place to unwind after work: it has an elegant wine list and embraces you in its relaxing/rustic/chic ambiance. Also, I find that the bar’s name is beautiful.

Café Veritas:

Because it’s important to eat healthy, good food! This café offers a great selection of salads and daily bites. It is the place to go if ever you forgot your lunch at home.


If ever you’re in the mood for some succulent butter chicken, look no further than Gandhi. It is the best and most exquisite Indian restaurant in town. #gandhilecious.


Tatiana – Founder of the Toro Holistic Health Center


About Tatiana:

Tatiana is a homeopath and Reiki Master. Simply talking to her brings you more peace of mind.

Tatiana, enlighten us…


Bello Italian Deli:

Bello is a real jewel located right beside my office. Not only is their food delicious, but their service is impeccable. The staff always welcomes me with warm smiles, and the restaurant has a truly unparalleled family feel to it.


Béco boutique offers a wide variety of ecologically-responsible products. I often tell clients how important it is to have their living space and work space reflect their personalities, and if you consider yourself to be a conscious consumer, Béco boutique is the place for you.

White Smiles:

One of my favorite body care rituals is visiting Spa Mcgill after a long (yet always fruitful) day at work to get pampered by the very charming Tatiana Nikoronova, my eyelash extension technician of choice. She always does a great job in getting me the look that I love. Tatiana is so attentive during the entire process; it is a wonderful experience.


Pascale Petit-Gagnon – Old Montrealer


About Pascale:

Just like a Pop-Tart, Pascale has a fun colorful appearance and a solid foundation.

What are the best places to go in Old Montreal?


Le Serpent:

When you walk into Le Serpent, you feel like you’re in a thriving New York industrial district! It has a unique décor and an elaborate menu. If Denis is working, you will know it as soon as you arrive as you will be warmly welcomed and you’ll know that it will be a night to remember.

Bello Italian Deli:

You can enjoy one of their sandwiches in the deli or on the go, but you will want to stay for their Italian-mamma-hand-made house specials. So come on down and savour some of the most comforting food you’ll ever eat. Special mention goes out to their eggplant alla parmigiana which is quite simply to die for.


My home away from home! I am there very often because my boyfriend owns the place. Not only is the food excellent, but the wine list is quite seductive. Since it opened, I have met many people from the neighbourhood who are frequent clients and I have made a lot of new friends. Hambar really allows me to live the Old Montreal life 🙂



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