Old Montreal’s Crew – Part 2

February 18, 2016 / Posted by   Maude  Oliver Marshall 


Since the first edition of the #OldMontrealsCrew was a hit, I went on a mission to find some more of our neighbours ask them about their favorite places in Old Montreal.

Odile – Lawyer at LJT

Odile 500X500

This beautiful lively redhead enjoys frequent 5@7s after the office, as well as plentiful meals and well-shaken drinks (Champagne also does the trick!)

So hey Odile, what’s up?


Because I will never get tired of mozzarella di Bufala with truffle, and Alain, the manager and my good friend, is quite simply the best host you can possibly ask for!


The lights are dim, the ambiance is refined, the music is electrifying, and the cocktails are succulent… This place does everything right so that you can find “inner peace” after a long day at work, especially over few Zen Buddhas, my favorite drink!

Bar à beurre 

Even though this pastry shop isn’t in the heart of the action of Old Montreal, it has truly made a name for itself. Their cappuccinos and chocolatines have made me into a true morning person, and – trust me – that’s saying something!

Roxane – Waitress at Taverne Gaspar


Roxanne a.k.a “Mighty Mouse” is a waitress who also does competitive crossfit, so you don’t want to mess with this hottie.

Your thoughts Rox?

Club Chasse et Pêche:

THE best place to eat in Montreal. Period. #yumyum😋


A fancy place to showcase your best dance moves. #fancynottoofancy

Kyo Bar Japonais:

You say saké, I say “BOMB!’’, Saké “BOMB'”, Saké “BOMB”!! 🍷 #DoNotforgettheDoNuts


Zac – Creative Technologist at Sid Lee


For the sake of introduction, Zac is one of those cool Old Montreal tech dudes who ride their bikes to work.

So Zac, enlighten-us:

Flyjin Café

Whether it is for a morning coffee or a mid-afternoon snack, you will not be disappointed. Its décor is as welcoming as its staff, and I highly recommend that you order an orange juice: It’s quite an experience. (I won’t say more…)


DHC/ART is a real gem of Old Montreal. You can find this contemporary art gallery, which has no admission fee, on Saint-Jean street, and you will see once you’re inside how refreshing their exhibits are! The exhibit on Ryoji Ikeda BLEW MY MIND.

Brit & Chips

My place of choice for a great lunch which will fill you up until supper (even if work keeps you at the office until 9PM). They have a great selection of fish and batters, such as maple syrup and Orange Crush (I know, right). So grab a couple mates and grab a couple cold ones – good times guaranteed!


The Métayer Machine.World-renowned multitasker Maude started out as a bachelor of public relations. She has since declared her undying love for event management, project management and Australian Chardonnay. Maude is definitely the go-to girl for local nightlife. She can always tell you where to go for an unforgettable ladies' night. Hanging out with her is like starring in an episode of Sex and the City. ...and then some.

Oliver Marshall

Big hair, do care! As our translator, Oliver makes sure that our blog authors’ message resonates to Montreal’s English community and to tourists who contribute to the success and vibrancy of Old Montreal. Even at the age of 21, he has proven to be our language aficionado as he puts great care in being meticulous and reliable in his work. Born and raised in Mile End, he is a true Montrealer who is driven by a fierce sense of pride in his city. During his free time, he loves to cook and play bass in his band: Brain Flower. Contact | oliver.h.s.marshall@gmail.com

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