It's a Dog Thing - Part 2

February 8, 2016 / Posted by   Julie - Well-Being and a Touch of OM 

It only takes one stroll in Old Montreal to realize that the neighbourhood is teeming with pups. You can spot dogs out on walks on sidewalks, and alongside the River, but also in a fair number of businesses. So, we decided to give you an exclusive insight on these adorable pups, which are loved by all in the neighbourhood – well, except for maybe its cats!


Dogs, the Furry Mascots of Old Montreal!

Today, we resume our search for the neighbourhood’s most adorable tenants. We got to know Chewbacca of the P Lovers boutique, and Zara of The Pepin Shop.

When you walk into The Pepin Shop, it’s kind of like coming home. This shop, which elegantly emblemizes the art of living, is a great place for tea, good food, and finding furniture and other elegantly displayed decorative accessories. The shop really does come to life in a creative and inviting way. You will also be able to meet Zara, an 11-year-old charming Golden Retriever.

Zara’s Zest for Life and Peace of Mind in The Pepin Shop


When I got to The Pepin Shop and met with owner Lisanne Pepin, Zara came running down the stairs of the apartments above to come hang out with us.

As a horse- and dog-lover, Lisanne tells me that Zara’s presence greatly influences her personal and professional life choices. For example, she chose a cottage which would allow Zara a lot of space in the wilderness. Same concept at work! Lisanne shows clients styles that are inspired by life with a dog at home, such as rain boots for walking the dog or simply waltzing around in The Pepin Shop in its laid-back environment. She said it best: “This dog keeps me going.”

Zara is adored by both clients and neighbours, attracting much attention as she is the boutique’s shining star! This calm and intelligent creature knows how to manage her success, because she has been in contact with people since she was but 5 months old! Lisanne tells us that she is a wise, old soul.

Zara is at the peak of health and wellness, due notably to her diet, which is composed of salmon, lentils, grated vegetables and even blueberries, which its laid-back environment. are powerful antioxidants. This dog has a more elegant pallet than some of my friends!

Chewbacca, P’Lovers Boutique’s Bio-pup


All organic product amateurs will be delighted to know that P Lovers, a Nova-Scotia-based boutique, has opened up shop in Old Montreal.

The boutique offers a wide range of purely organic products: everything from clothes to personal care; from cleaning products to decorative objects for your home. We had the chance to meet up with Lauren, the boutique’s owner, inside this Ali-Baba-inspired cavern of eco-treasures. She was quite proud to introduce us to Chewbacca, her small Yorkshire who is quite discreet and cute as a button! She truly fell head over heels over this cute beast, whose breed is a total mystery, when she was at the SPCA with her daughter, who was doing volunteer work.uite proud to introduce us to Chewbacca, her small yorkshire ome. a-Scotia-based boutique, has opened up shop in Old Mo

He is truly an ambassador for all our dogs. The proof is in the pudding: we’ve seen Chewbacca really zen out people who are uncomfortable around our canine friends. With his soft fur and his calm demeanor, he has truly become not only the mascot for the shop, but for the whole building. So, seeing him happily nesting in the janitor’s arms during his shift is not in the least bit surprising!

Lauren believes that the admirable simplicity of the relationship between man and dog is what makes contact with Chewbacca so precious. It is founded on love, comfort, peace and tolerance.

This little love-ball has been with Lauren for 7 years, and he is looking to inspire clients with his message of harmony to make them reflect on their consumer habits, and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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