2019 Resolutions : The reading suggestions of your library

January 17, 2019

Like every month, let’s find out the book selection of the Bertrand Library! January is the month of New Year’s resolutions, when people try to go back to good habit so we asked your bookseller her best recommendation about this topic! Here are 6 books that will inspire you for this beginning of the year!

J’apprends à méditer avec les petits cailloux du bonheur




J’apprends à méditer avec les petits cailloux du bonheur / Thich Nhat Hanh, Éditions Edito Jeunesse, 22,95$

The new year is the perfect time to start practicing little tips that will help improve your current lifestyle. Children can sometimes be stressed out by school so they might need time off to relax. This book teaches them how to meditate. The exercises offered are precious information that will help them feel better, less irritable, tired or anxious.






Fais-le pour toi pendant 365 jours




Fais-le pour toi pendant 365 jours / Frédérique Dufort, Éditions La Bagnole, 16,95$

This book is perfect for teenagers! The more you get into it, the more you will discover inspiring people from Quebec who share clever thoughts, suggestions of activities to do and advice to feel better on a daily basis. All of this comes with beautiful and colorful illustrations for the pleasure of your eyes!






Tout se joue avant 8h




Miracle Morning / Had Elrod, Éditions Pocket, 14,95$
It’s best to get things done before 8AM…at least that’s what Had Elrod tells us in this book! What if the key to happiness and success really reside in this new resolution? Had Elrod introduces you to a revolutionary method that consists in setting up a new ritual at the beginning of every day. Perfect for the early birds!






Ça commence par moi - soyons le changement que nous voulons voir dans le monde - 1 an pour vivre autrement, 365 raisons d'y croire



Ça commence par moi : soyons le changement que nous voulons voir dans le monde / Julien Vidal, Éditions du Seuil, 29,95$

What if we already have the solution to make the world a better place on our own scale? Trying and implementing new eco-friendly solutions every day for a year, that’s the challenge this young man gave himself! Far from the sanctimonious and pessimist speech, this book will help you reflect on your habits, but it will also give you tons of tips and alternatives that can help preserve our planet.






Créer le meilleur de soi



Créer le meilleur de soi / Manon Lavoie, Éditions Druide, 34,95$
Manon Lavoie, founder of M like Muses, is a certified coach in creativity and positive thinking. In this beautifully illustrated book, she invites you to relax by creating things that can help you lead a more lively and joyful life.







Foutez-vous la paix et commencez à vivre




Foutez-vous la paix et commencez à vivre / Fabrice Midal, Éditions Edito, 22,95$

You are sick and tired of new year’s resolutions, of this idea that you have to be perfect and follow trends or comply to principles and rules that people don’t even question anymore? This book is a tiny bit provocative, but it is quite liberating, and it will definitely help feel less guilty!

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